The Beginning…

I’m an esthetician, a yoga teacher and a lover of unicorns, magic, tarot, crystals and cooking.  This is meant to be a space where I talk about all of the above while also keeping things real.  I have been an esthetician for over 11 years and a yoga teacher for 4 years.  Blogging has been in the back of my mind for years. I finally bought myself a computer (I haven’t owned one in maybe 10 years) and decided this is the year. I maybe also pulled a tarot card today that asked me what is holding me back. Yes this will be a future blog post for sure. So here I am writing my first blog entry because why not? In my line of business I have the amazing opportunity to connect with lots of amazing humans. Sometimes we get into really amazing conversations and sometimes I have amazing conversations in my brain with myself. I feel like its time to share. Not in a tell all kind of way but in a ‘hey other people should be privy to this information too.” Hence the keeping it real.

I’m not going to worry about having perfect grammar. I used to worry about that stuff back in the day, yes I used to diagram sentences for fun. In fact, I originally was an English major in college. Was is the key word there, my freshman year of college I realized English isn’t a black and white kind of major.  If the teacher liked my style then I got a good grade.  I found that dumb and didn’t want to ruin my writing “voice” so I quit that major and also quit writing until now.  Pretty redicilous but I’m a stubborn person.  

So here we are, the beginning of the Once Upon a Pink Moonbeam. Welcome to the journey, I’m intrigued to see where this will lead.