What is holding you back?

I pulled a tarot card this morning and it was the Oppression card. Let me just tell you, it is a scary looking card. I almost didn’t want to look up the meaning….but of course I did. The key theme is what is holding you back? What is oppressing you? The trick to these cards is just see what comes up first. Let the thoughts swirl, because let me tell you something….the thoughts will definately swirl. Swish them all around like a glass of wine, let them settle and then re-ask yourself “what is holding you back?’

Myself, that is what is holding me back. I hold myself back from a lot of things, why? Fear of course. Isn’t fear the thing that gets in the way of most everything in life. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of looking dumb, fear of being liked, fear of being seen, fear of not being seen, fear of pretty much everything. It’s insane when you really think about. So I’ve decided to become friends with my fear. Hmmmm lets name her (yes I’ve decided her pronoun is her) Francine is the name that popped right into my head. Francine Fear, see when you name your fear it becomes a little less scary.

We all have choices, we can friend Francine or we can continue to let the bully rule the playground. For now I choose friendship. What do you choose?