Fear Cloud…Weather Edition

One time each winter I fall victim to the collective fear energy of the weather. Once a year I allow myself to get caught up in the wave of panic. A snowstorm is coming, polar vortex, ice storm….any one of those can start the panic trigger. I feel my heart racing, I check my weather apps and websites (yes I have multiple ones), I get a little sweaty and I find myself getting excited for a potential disasterous weather event. I look outside any chance I can get, I talk to anyone who will listen. I wonder if work will get canceled, should I cancel work, how much food should I buy at the grocery store. We all stock up as though we will get snowed in for days, weeks. It’s fun, its exciting, its even a little exhilarating. Then….nothing happens.

There is this weird let down. I find myself feeling let down that a natural disaster didn’t occur. It’s a little messed up, nothing bad happened so I’m sad? What is that about? I’m safe and I feel a little depressed about it. I go about day among all of the other humans who also are sad and let down that we avoided yet another natural disaster. I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

Once a year I allow this to happen, I allow myself to get swept up in the fear cloud. I allow myself to believe it, to feel it and then I become immune to that cloud. My energetic gas mask appears. I see the collective fear as a giant cloud, it starts off small and then grows bigger as more people get caught up into it and their fear energy feeds the cloud. I see the cloud but I can no longer get caught up into it. The cloud comes closer but my energy gas mask protects me. The cloud tries to get me, it tries to seduce me, it so badly wants me to feed it but I can’t, I won’t. The cloud passes me by, I feel left out, I feel like an outsider, I don’t fit it, I don’t run to the grocery store, I don’t panic, my heart doesn’t race. I go about my day in a normal state. I go to bed and actually get a good night of sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed, ready to face the day disaster or not.