The lost art of human connection and why a women’s retreat is so important.

I think human connection is becoming a lost art in this age and era of social media, texting, emailing. We have even lost the art of talking on the phone. How often do you just pick up the phone and call someone, without first scheduling the call via text? We aren’t so lost that we don’t know how to connect we just need to work a little harder and become more mindful of the ways in which we connect.

As women, I think we forget the importance of bonding and in the same breath we forget how to connect with one another. Yes we get together and talk but how much of our conversation revolves around our partners, our children, our jobs. How often do we sit down and talk to our friends about ourselves? How often do we sit down and listen? Do we know how to truly listen without giving advice? Can we fully listen to Sally without trying to fix or help her? It’s hard, I know.

Let me add something else to this thought pattern….guilt…How often do we feel guilty for talking about ourselves. I have a feeling we all feel fine discussing our partners and our kids, especially if we are complaining. God forbid we talk about our amazing lives, nobody wants to hear that. Ourselves, how often do we apologize directly after sharing something about ourselves. The “I’m sorry I’m crying” , “I’m sorry to vent” , etc…. I”m not trying to make a blanket statement that we all do this all of the time, this is just something to ponder and to practice some awareness around.

Flash forward to the upcoming women’s retreat I’m hosting in Kauai this April….all of the above things are the reasons I think and I feel so inspired to lead a women’s retreat. I’m so excited to be doing this but I also have a lot of other feelings and emotions tied into it. I feel guilty for leaving to focus on myself. I feel guilty leaving my partner at home. I feel guilty taking time off of work. I feel guilty spending money on myself, I feel guilty taking time to myself. Those of you reading this and feeling those same feelings, you aren’t alone. And all of those reasons listed are exactly why you/we need a retreat. I’m not saying mine is the only one you should go on, there are so many. I’m saying that we all need to take time for ourselves in some way. We need to find ourselves again.

That is the purpose of this retreat. To take time to find ourselves, to re-learn how to listen to ourselves. It’s time to allow ourselves to be supported and listened to by other women, other humans who are like us. It’s time to leave our jobs and our families behind, just for a short period of time, to grow into stronger versions of ourselves. It’s time to put ourselves first and to learn to be a little selfish so that we can come home and be better partners, better friends, better moms, better employees, etc.

This retreat is so much more than just a vacation or hanging out at a resort. We will be staying together in a beautiful home with mountain and ocean views. There will be so many opportunities for connecting with one another and with each other. Imagine starting your day with meditation and a practice followed by a trip to the beach, a hike or simply free time alone if you choose. Imagine going to a beach where you see monk seals swimming or sea turtles sunning themselves in the sand. Think group dinners where you get to laugh and bound with like minded females. Imagine a time where you for once don’t really have to think, you get to simply just “be.” When is the last you went on a trip and you didn’t have to make everything happen yourself?

Courteney lives on Kauai and Nicole and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her at a yoga training in Sedona. This is is where the magic of the universe really shows herself. We all met in a magical and healing place. Part of our journey in this lifetime is to help and to heal others. The three of us surrendered to the magic of the universe at the same time. We chose the same fork in the road and we chose to take this journey together. That surrender, that trust and that magic allowed this retreat to create itself. The women who come to the same fork in the road and choose this path and this journey with us…..are all the women who are truly meant to be doing this.

As I march forward in this lifetime, I begin to see the path a little clearer. I begin to trust and I begin to have faith. I begin to trust my instincts more than my thoughts and I begin to fully believe that each path we choose is the correct path for us. My ending question to you as you reach your next fork in the road is which path do you choose?